Cell therapy

We are aiming to leverage biomolecular engineering, chemical engineering, and synthetic biology approaches to modify endogenous cells and endow them with targeting or therapeutic function for various diseases treatment. Particular interest will be focused on blood cells, stem cells, and immune cells.




We are interested in modulating the phenotype and function of immune cells through biomaterials-cell interaction or delivery of immunomodulatory agents for tissue engineering, cancer, and autoimmune disease treatment. Particular interest will be focused on the modulation of dendritic cells and macrophage, and the delivery of immune checkpoint inhibitors.



Personalized therapy

We are aiming to develop precision medicine through the delivery approach in combination with cell therapy and immunotherapy for personalized therapy to maximize treatment efficacy. Particular interest will be focused on neoantigen-based vaccination and microbiota research.

Highlighted Researches:

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False-color SEM images.tif
CAR-T schematic.jpg

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备份备份备份备份备份备份Scheme V15.tif

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